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Thoughts of Apple's Macworld Releases

Recently, there has been a lot of press coverage over Macworld. Whether Steve Jobs would make an appearance or if the keynote address was a disappointment seemed to be the major themes running through the media.

First of all, i'd like to go through some history with you. At Macworld 2007, Apple announced Apple TV and the iPhone. While the iPhone was expected and rumoured about, people were still excited to see it. At Macworld 2008, Apple announced 4 products. They announced Time Capsule, an iPhone software update, an Apple TV software update and the MacBook Air. At the end of the keynote, people were disappointed, expecting something as exciting as the year before. However, if we ignore Time Capsule, Apple released two pieces of software and one piece of hardware.

Just before this year's Macworld Expo, Apple announced that this would be the last that they would attend. Their reasoning being that they no longer needed the large event to attract publicity. The Apple Retail Stores host the same number of visitors as approximately 100 Macworlds every week, therefore giving Apple an easier way to interact with consumers.

To summarise their reasoning: they are basically saying that they no longer need the press coverage that Macworld gives them to announce products because they can get the press coverage without it. Therefore gaining time not preparing for Macworld.

At this year's keynote, Apple announced 2 pieces of software (iLife and iWork), 1 piece of hardware and some good news. If we ignore the good news, then this year's keynote was very similar to last year's keynote. The software may have been on different platforms, but it was still a software update.

Some people were disappointed with the announcements made. While there were rumours of iMac revisions and a Mac Mini update, people were expecting much more. However, the thing they need to ask themselves is why? 

Apple had just said that they didn't need Macworld to make a large announcement. Why would they then contradict themselves and announce something big? This just doesn't make sense. If you look at the releases, they actually match last years. 

My belief is that while the keynote did not match all the expectations from the rumours, Apple did release some promising advancements in both pieces of software and a brilliant bit of technology in the battery of the 17" MacBook Pro.


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