Microsoft Mesh

To quote wikipedia:
Live Mesh is a synchronization system from Microsoft that allows files and folders to be shared and synchronized across multiple devices. Live Mesh consists of a software component that allows synchronization relationships to be created among different devices. Once a folder is set for synchronization, it will be available in all devices, and any changes made to the content of the folder will be reflected across all devices.

Is it me, or is this a varied version of .Mac?
The multiple devices in .Mac's case are multiple Macs put with the iPhone 2.0 on the way, will .Mac be further integrated? 

Apple Wireless Keyboard (Aluminium)

i've been using this keyboard for a while now.
Overall it's very nice. Following the firmware update, the multiple key sendings has been fixed.
However it does eat batteries.
The action is nice and the anti-accidental-caps-lock key is brilliant.

Overall, if you're looking for a wireless keyboard for your Mac, i wholly recommend it. 

Users on Wordpress

Who knew?

IRC Application

I have tried to use several IRC Applications for my Mac.
I have tried:

  • irssi (ported from Mac Ports)

  • X-Chat Aqua

  • Colloquy

  • Telnet (well, i am a Computer Scientist)

I would recommend Colloquy, it's very pretty and works well. 
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