Psystar Computer: Someone actually gets one

Woz no longer needs to worry about someone stealing his money. Turns out the Psystar isn't a scam.
 The thing boots up and runs pretty damn fast, says Patrick, but Software Update won't recognize it so you won't be able to patch.

My hackintosh doesn't seem to have this problem. It can update every time. Even when the update would actually brick it.


Article Here.

Digital Cameras

They're not really my thing or anything. But i was discussing my article with a friend, and he was asking if i meant
Also, your latest blog post... simply a case of "yeah, 2MP raw > 4MP interpolated" ?

But you're saying its 2MP but processes it well

Whereas a lot of cameras boasting 3MP are actually 1.5MP interpolated to 3MP

Or you only referring to the JPEG compression quality?

I was referring to the processing, and i think this article explains what i mean, plus i love this picture.
Awesome Picture

Article Here.


iPhone's Crappy Camera

This iPhone's Camera is sometimes regarded as quite poor since it's only 2 Mega-Pixels. Most people of course getting into a Mega-Pixel war. It's been shown that you can have as many Mega-Pixels as you want, but it doesn't always mean a better photo. This is because a chip is required to turn the object into digital form. If this chip is poor, the picture is poor. The iPhone's chip is very good.

Here's some evidence

iPhone Camera

Original Picture Here.


I've just watched a Youtube video from 1992. It's the NeXTStep Release Demo presented by Steve Jobs.

I've actually just been amazed at how much you could do in 1992 as opposed to now. If you look at the demo, it's very similar to what Mac OS X can do now.

Video Here.

The video is 35 minutes long. But is very interesting. To give this an opposition, this is what Windows was like at the time:

Video Here.