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Additional Functionality

Recently, we've been giving presentations regarding our dissertations. For the most part, this involves writing slides to show what you need them to show.

A friend was trying to highlight some text within OpenOffice Impress but in the Mac version of this software it would appear that this feature has been removed. The slides were originally created in Google Docs and featured the highlighted text. Exporting the slides as a PDF lead to complications with typefaces and exporting as a PowerPoint file meant that highlighted text was no longer highlighted. 

So we tried Keynote

In Keynote, you are incapable of highlighting text, the text Inspector shows this:

However, I was sure that this functionality was available in Pages. I opened Pages and wrote some dummy text, selected it and opened the Inspector. This extra functionality was available:

 So the feature exists in Pages but not Keynote. If you then copy the highlighted text into Keynote it remains highlighted, with no way to change the highlight.


It would seem that people don't need to highlight text in presentations.