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iPhone Apps: Colloquy

An iPhone version of Colloquy has just been released for the iPhone. Since the only other IRC client has been Rooms, people have been looking for a new one. Rooms suffered from a poor interface.

Here's the screen shot of the IRC channels:


Here's the view in a channel:

Channel View

A great feature is the landscape view. This makes it easier for typing:

Landscape channel view

While there are channel settings in the application itself, if you look in the System Preferences, you'll find some further settings. For example:

Settings for Colloquy


This is the best IRC client on the iPhone at the moment. Definitely worth the £1.19 that it is priced at. You can purchase it on the iTunes App Store.

Reader Comments (1)

Probably my favourite feature is that it vibrates when your name is highlighted. It's the little things...

I don't know whether the interface really is that good, or whether it's just a heck of a lot better than Rooms, but it's really nice to use.

January 18, 2009 | Unregistered Commenter[ICR]

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